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About the factory
Short story of "Minsk plant "Kalibr"

   "Minsk plant "Kalibr" JSC belongs to the Republic of Belarus property.

   Legal address is 220007, Fabritsiusa street 8, Minsk.

   The principal form of activity is a production of the elevator equipment, poultry feeding and drinking systems, radio-measuring equipment.

Ownership pattern of it is governmental.

   "Minsk plant "Kalibr" has been developed as one of the biggest enterprises of military-industrial USSR complex in the production of present-day radio and diagnostic equipment, as well as automatic measurement systems till 1992. Being up-to-date enterprise "Kalibr" updated the release of its products on 20-25% every year. "Kalibr" has been one of leading works in the electronic area in the Republic of Belarus since 1962. It?s trade mark well-known in all former USSR cities. Here is the development stages of it:

   since 1962: voltmeters and oscillographs

   since 1963: universal measuring devices

   since 1964: equipment for testing and measuring main parameters of electrovacuum and semi-conductor products

   since 1967: devices for testing and measuring of amplitude and frequency characteristics

   since 1980: analyzers and resetters for integrated circuit

   since 1980: new multimeters

   since 1992: lift management, electronic and lightning devices, luminaires, portable television sets, radiotimers, tv antenns

   since 1998: technological equipment for floor and battery systems

   since 2002: management devices for lifts of UKL series

   since 2003: oscillographs (C8-38, C1-142), generators (G3-131, G6-46/1), insulation breakdown tester UPU-21

   since 2006: floor and battery systems outside bunker for saving bulk feed, immittance meter E7-20

   Today "Minsk plant "Kalibr" JSC is the only supplier of unique equipment for poultry feeding and drinking systems, very practical and safe lift management stations, as well as peculiar measuring systems on Belarussian and Russian markets.

   One of the plant activities areas is lift equipment release. The enterprise has also mastered the production of lift management systems UKL, UL, SHULK, UEL, SHULM K3 series, which ensure the freight and commuter lift functioning of different carrying capacity. Microprocessor based unit SHULK series ensure lift functioning in buildings up to 32 floor and has elevators work?s all-purpose control algorithm program.

   The enterprise has the newest machines for powder plating applying, equipment for a production of printed circuit boards with surface mounting.

   "Minsk plant "Kalibr" JSC produce and project high quality molds and punches, molds for founding under pressure, cutting and measuring tools. Thanks to this "Minsk plant "Kalibr" JSC meet others companies orders. The plant have its own toolroom and machining workshop, where among ordinary machines places complex modern equipment. "Minsk plant "Kalibr"" JSC engineers and constructors have big experience and high professional skills.

   "Minsk plant "Kalibr" JSC tries to integrate into the world community. "Kalibr" has always had the experience that Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Algeria and other countries.

   We have worked out, documented, implemented and maintained in operating condition the quality management system, continuously improving its effectiveness in accordance with requirements STB ISO 9001 ? 2009.

   The quality management system is based on the use of process approach principles. In order to develop SMK the enterprise use process approach model in accordance with requirements STB ISO 9001-2009:

  • Determined processes required for SMK
  • Defined consistency and interface these processes
  • Fixed criterions and methods , necessary for supplying the effectiveness of pre-arranged results and constant processes improving
   SMK "Minsk plant "Kalibr" JSC extends on the enterprise activity and its structure departments, taking part in marketing, production, realization, guarantee and extended services of lift management systems and radio-measuring equipment.

   "Minsk plant "Kalibr" JSC is a constant supplier of microprocessor-based lift management devices Moscow and Moscow Region biggest lift-construction enterprise like "Shcherbinskii lift-construction plant" JSC and "Karacharovkii mechanical plant".

   "Minsk plant "Kalibr" JSC strategy in future years will be the follows:

  • Establishment of contacts and collaboration with foreign firms
  • Production of high-quality products together with foreign partners
  • Holding of marketing analysis and organization of sales together with foreign partners in the former USSR countries (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic Republics, Kazakhstan, as well as Western countries)
  • Continuous perfection and modernization of discharged products
  • Steady improvement and perfection of quality management system in accordance with requirements STB ISO 9001-2009.
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